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Check out what our past litters are up to, and hear from their owners. With puppies literally located around the country (and overseas!) we always look forward to new updates and photos showing what these pups are all about.

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Isobel (New Hampshire)

My father bought Isobel from you guys last year. I can’t even tell you how much we all love her! She’s a wonderful dog, so smart, and such a great personality. My 2.5 year old adores her! And she’s so good with him. He keeps asking to bring her home with us.

Effie, now Storm (Pennsylvania)

Storm is attentive, a quick learner, plays well with other dogs, greets people calmly and is working toward “pet therapy” certification. Everyone who meets Storm falls in love with her. Even those who aren’t dog friendly! I have a friend who has been bitten by a few dogs in her life and is fearful of dogs. She can come over without hesitation and pet Storm. I have never had a dog like her before. She just seems to know.

Mungo, now Bo (New Mexico)

Bo is full of energy. He plays with our other dogs constantly. He’s VERY fast. Bob says he can outrun the ball when he plays catch and it’s effortless. He’s also very smart and sweet.

Ian, now Kep (New York)

We are having fun getting to know a herding dog personally. Kep is so devoted to having things orderly – a place for everything and everything in its place is his motto. Except, applied to people and animals. He follows around animals who are not where they should be, like when the rather naughty goat gets out. He barks to alert me something is wrong, like when the cow took a walk or a stranger on a four wheeler was suddenly coming up our field. He knows where each animal should be and how they should be behaving (kids included) and it’s his job to make sure all is well. Another example, but with the kids when they started sledding a few weeks ago for the first time since he’s been here. He was very concerned. He yipped at me and yipped at them and generally made noise. Then he gave up barking (as mom obviously wasn’t too worried about it and didn’t bother trying to correct such odd behavior in her children), and just decided to keep an eye on things instead. He’d follow them all the way down the sledding hill. Then follow them all the way back to the top. Over and over again. He was as exhausted as they were when they were done. The kids’ friend who was visiting wondered why he was so intent on watching them and why he had barked. “Doesn’t he like us sledding?” she asked me. “Well, I said, “how would we feel if OUR sheep suddenly started sledding?” That got a laugh, but it is basically true – they were zipping along and he’d never seen them do it.

Todd, now Brysen (Maryland)

Describing Brysen in a few sentences is tough, because this little guy has enough personality for two puppies! I heard George W. Bush’s eulogy of his father yesterday and he said his father had two speeds, full throttle and sleep. That’s about right with Brysen too, although he is able to sit and relax with us in the evening now as he continues to mature. He is extremely smart, is learning his commands quickly (what he doesn’t know is my fault for not yet teaching and/or reinforcing), loves his home and his “flock”, including George and me, Brynna (his collie step sister), Moochie the cat and Sunny the parrot. He loves to chase the squirrels and bunnies in his yard, guards the house and property with gusto, and has made many dog friends in town. He is extremely athletic, being a very fast runner, jumps over anything that gets in his way, and has the moves to quickly change course when necessary. But most importantly, he is a sweetheart, very loving, loves to cuddle and show affection to us, and to my granddaughter, which is huge to me as you can imagine. He loves to sleep on his back with all four paws up in the air. And…last but not least, he has his father’s soulful eyes that melt my heart when he looks at me, and he takes every opportunity to get a belly rub by anyone who might be walking by…he just rolls over and looks at you with those eyes and you just can’t go by without bending over and giving that sweet boy a belly rub. He has brought Brynna out of her mourning for Brody and back to her old self, and he makes us laugh and love life as much as he does, every day. What a gift! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this sweet boy.

Kendra, now Skye (Canada)

I never considered myself a “dog person.” When I was a teenager, my parents bought a puppy for my brother whose heart defect kept him homebound and isolated. When my own daughters began asking for a puppy to ease our move to Canada from the US, I wondered if indeed a puppy might just be what we all needed to take our minds and hearts off our recent move. So began a year of researching breeds, breeders and rescue groups. Several times we thought we had found the
right dog only find we were too late.
Our list of needs was admittedly long. We needed a dog that would be gentle with our kids and cats, and friendly with our neighbors their dogs, and the horses at the stable where my daughters ride. It would have to be a playful, smart, sort of dog to keep up with the twins and to learn all the tricks they had planned to teach her. Not too big and not too small– a “sturdy dog” that didn’t mind hugs and liked tummy
rubs and rolling around on the floor. Also we needed a dog that could handle Canada’s winters and wouldn’t require too much grooming. It was beginning to look like a near impossible task. We had looked all over Ontario and even into regions around New York. Then, when on a whim I began to look for dogs around Virginia where we would be vacationing that summer. I stumbled on the Old Time Scotch Collie Assoc. website and soon after found the notice for Hickory Hill’s litter.
When I saw Skye (Kendra) I knew she was the puppy for us. It was puppy love at first sight for our family. She is everything we could have imagined and more. She is amazing and so gentle with my daughters and with our cats who have become her own adoring herd. It turns out her long nose makes a great cat ear scratcher. Every day Skye accompanies the girls to school where she is greeted by the fawning,
giggling members of the “Skye Fan Club.” When the playground monitored told the kids to stay away from the dog, one responded “That’s not a dog, that’s Skye!” She went with my daughters and their Girl Guide troop to sell cookies this fall and rubbing her tummy brought good luck to the school soccer team at the regional tournament. She is such a beautiful dog, people often stop me to ask about her breed, and then are even more impressed at her sweet nature. I have never seen a dog with comic timing before, but Skye is quite the comedian. She always knows when we need a laugh or a snuggle. We are so blessed to have her as a member of our family. We can’t imagine life without her.

Wallace (Massachusetts)

Wallace continues to be the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He is smart, inquisitive and loving. The things he likes best are cuddling, getting tummy rubs, and playing with other dogs. He loves running through the fields of my neighbor’s horse farm with his two best Aussie dog friends. He runs like the wind and is a beautiful dog to watch in motion. From friends to dog sitters and the vet’s office everyone falls in love with Wallace. He is a very special dog and I am grateful to have him as my companion and best friend.

Gregor (France)

These two (Gregor with his owner’s older Scotch Collie Babette from Northcutt) are really taking well to one another. They are very complimentary to one another and we are enjoying watching them play and interact.


We were extremely excited to become united with Bonnie from the beginning. Her lovely personality has continued to make this new relationship more exciting and dear to our hearts. My extended family lives in Scotland and I myself was born there but came over to the U.S. when I was young. We love Scotland (particularly the highlands, where these dogs originated from) and found it extremely exciting to have an “old-time scotch collie” become part of our family recently.

Bonnie has certainly become our family dog! She loves to be outside and quite often we find her visiting the goals and chickens nearby. She’s gentle and as friendly as can be! We have two little kids, ages 3 and 2 and both refer to her as their “best friend”. She’s so loving torwards them! We couldn’t ask for a better personality in a dog.


My name is Gillian and I adopted my Virginia people that weren’t looking for a Scotch Collie or even knew about our heritage. They had lost their 16-year-old border collie a few months before we met and were still very sad. They needed education and lots of attention so when they came to Hickory Hill Homestead, I told them I really needed them. So far I have taught my people that happiness is looking through the eyes of a dog; keeping a clean house takes effort and can sometimes wait; seeing a bird, squirrel, deer or rabbit is actually exciting every single day; nutrition and being fed is an honor and not one we take lightly; meeting people you encounter whether you have seen them before or not should be done with enthusiasm and gratitude that they take the time to say hello; laughing is healthier than crying but sometimes people’s eyes leak anyway – that’s when I give them lap time; farm animals respect dogs more than people; exercise is important including play time; we don’t bark for no reason –
part of our job is being on guard and protecting our family so listen and understand it can be serious; I learned people have a hard time with communication so I use a lot of sign and body language; and we can truly heal our people’s broken hearts by just sitting next to them. Most of all, I let my people think they are training me but really it’s the other way around. It is one of the things I think we OTSCs do best. This is a great life here and from what I heard my people say, they live more in the moment since I moved in with them.

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