Kendra, now Skye (Canada)

I never considered myself a “dog person.” When I was a teenager, my parents bought a puppy for my brother whose heart defect kept him homebound and isolated. When my own daughters began asking for a puppy to ease our move to Canada from the US, I wondered if indeed a puppy might just be what we all needed to take our minds and hearts off our recent move. So began a year of researching breeds, breeders and rescue groups. Several times we thought we had found the
right dog only find we were too late.
Our list of needs was admittedly long. We needed a dog that would be gentle with our kids and cats, and friendly with our neighbors their dogs, and the horses at the stable where my daughters ride. It would have to be a playful, smart, sort of dog to keep up with the twins and to learn all the tricks they had planned to teach her. Not too big and not too small– a “sturdy dog” that didn’t mind hugs and liked tummy
rubs and rolling around on the floor. Also we needed a dog that could handle Canada’s winters and wouldn’t require too much grooming. It was beginning to look like a near impossible task. We had looked all over Ontario and even into regions around New York. Then, when on a whim I began to look for dogs around Virginia where we would be vacationing that summer. I stumbled on the Old Time Scotch Collie Assoc. website and soon after found the notice for Hickory Hill’s litter.
When I saw Skye (Kendra) I knew she was the puppy for us. It was puppy love at first sight for our family. She is everything we could have imagined and more. She is amazing and so gentle with my daughters and with our cats who have become her own adoring herd. It turns out her long nose makes a great cat ear scratcher. Every day Skye accompanies the girls to school where she is greeted by the fawning,
giggling members of the “Skye Fan Club.” When the playground monitored told the kids to stay away from the dog, one responded “That’s not a dog, that’s Skye!” She went with my daughters and their Girl Guide troop to sell cookies this fall and rubbing her tummy brought good luck to the school soccer team at the regional tournament. She is such a beautiful dog, people often stop me to ask about her breed, and then are even more impressed at her sweet nature. I have never seen a dog with comic timing before, but Skye is quite the comedian. She always knows when we need a laugh or a snuggle. We are so blessed to have her as a member of our family. We can’t imagine life without her.