Todd, now Brysen (Maryland)

Describing Brysen in a few sentences is tough, because this little guy has enough personality for two puppies! I heard George W. Bush’s eulogy of his father yesterday and he said his father had two speeds, full throttle and sleep. That’s about right with Brysen too, although he is able to sit and relax with us in the evening now as he continues to mature. He is extremely smart, is learning his commands quickly (what he doesn’t know is my fault for not yet teaching and/or reinforcing), loves his home and his “flock”, including George and me, Brynna (his collie step sister), Moochie the cat and Sunny the parrot. He loves to chase the squirrels and bunnies in his yard, guards the house and property with gusto, and has made many dog friends in town. He is extremely athletic, being a very fast runner, jumps over anything that gets in his way, and has the moves to quickly change course when necessary. But most importantly, he is a sweetheart, very loving, loves to cuddle and show affection to us, and to my granddaughter, which is huge to me as you can imagine. He loves to sleep on his back with all four paws up in the air. And…last but not least, he has his father’s soulful eyes that melt my heart when he looks at me, and he takes every opportunity to get a belly rub by anyone who might be walking by…he just rolls over and looks at you with those eyes and you just can’t go by without bending over and giving that sweet boy a belly rub. He has brought Brynna out of her mourning for Brody and back to her old self, and he makes us laugh and love life as much as he does, every day. What a gift! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this sweet boy.